How Many Solar Panels Do I Need? Let’s Ask GoGreenSolar!


GoGreenSolar is a leading supplier for DIY Solar! is a leading supplier of solar electric systems, equipment, inverters, PV modules, rack hardware, etc.  Their website has a very handy solar panel array sizing calculator I would urge you to check out.  Let me know what you think!

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

I also have included a link to the complete Solar Panel Kits page. If you are serious about implementing a solar power system at your home, cabin or RV, be warned – you may get lost in this page!

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GoGreenSolar is a customer-focused company and they offer easy payment terms and even free shipping on orders over $150.   They really do have a system for every budget.



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2 thoughts on “How Many Solar Panels Do I Need? Let’s Ask GoGreenSolar!”

  1. Hi. Your blog is very informative.
    I do not want a system to back up my main electricity or to be wired into my main power. I want a system without battery backup that can run up to a 1500 watt 110 vac room heater in the winter or a room air conditioner in the summer. Clouds – no power. No clouds – I get power for one device at that time. Is such a system available, and can you identify? Thank you.

    1. Hello Hans and thanks for the comment. Sure, you can easily set up a ‘fair-weather’ solar system to satisfy at least the AC requirement. A 5000 watt window AC draws 500-550 watts and about 4.5 amps at 110VAC – which is how you will power it via an inverter. I suggest you consider 24 volt panels and inverter to keep costs down, as you are moving less current than you would be at 12 volts, therefore smaller wire is used. Plus, it’s simply less work to convert 24 volts to 110. Due to inverter and controller power consumption, you’re going to want 750 watts or more of solar modules to run the AC. That’s a fairly reasonable order. For the heater, you will have to scale up the power to satisfy its 1500 watt draw. This is about 12.5 amps at 110VAC. To pull that off and produce heat, hour after hour, you are talking about a several kilowatt system that will cost a bit. Producing that much power is one thing, it then must be moved through wire, controller and inverter, which would all be beefy and, therefore, expensive. I would guess likely too expensive to justify the 4 or 5 hours of heat on sunny days such a setup would power.

      There are lots of videos on YouTube that show people who have solved some of these issues. Here is one that you may find interesting.

      Best of luck to you and be sure to keep me posted as to your progress.


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