Solar Power Favorite Products

Five Affordable Products I Find Especially Helpful, Interesting, or Both:


1. Solar Power Yard Lights

These beautiful yard lights feature a warm simulated flame-light.  Amazon frequently marks this set of 4 down, and it currently works out to $15 per light – which, for a lithium-ion yard light is an exceptional deal.

Flickering Flame Solar Torches
Solar Torch Lights

2. Solar Power Water Heater – Portable Shower

Whether van-dwelling, boondock camping, or off-grid living is your thing, the logistics of taking a simple hot shower eventually become paramount.  (or they should!).  Texsport has created an inexpensive, completely portable camping shower that ticks all the boxes of portability and convenience.  Check it out.

Texsport Outdoor Camping Shower
Solar Hot Water Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

3. Solar Power Rope Lights

Amazing to me that you can now pick up a 50 LED waterproof, L-ion battery powered rope light for well under $20! This product from Lychee is IP65 rated (waterproof), and is rated for 50,000 hours of use.

Solar Rope Lights
50 LED Solar Power Rope Lights

4. Solar Power Projects for Kids

4m's Solar Rover Kit is a great project for your budding scientist as it shows them some of the potential of solar power.

Solar Rover Kit
Solar Rover Kit for Kids


5. Solar Power USB Charger

When your phone or tablet runs out of gas, and being out of touch is not an option, you want power – now. For under $40, the Feelle Solar Power Bank can charge 2 devices simultaneously and fast with its 2.1 A high speed charging ports.  This charger opens to reveal a triple (!) solar panel design that really gets the job done.

Feelle Solar Power Bank
2 USB port High Speed Solar Charger
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