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I am a suburban baby-boomer who values, among other things, freedom, peace and quiet, and being left alone to pursue my own version of happiness.

If you’re like me, you’ve perhaps been around the block a few times and miss the old days when kids played ball until the street lights came on.  These days most kids are driven to and from the bus stop and the great American past-time appears to have become the latest XBox game.

Crime, at least in our urban areas is more pervasive and deadly.   Our politics are incendiary and the world seems to be in constant turmoil.  Perhaps it always has been but now we hear about it more often, but regardless….  its a figurative jungle out there.

I have always both loved and feared crowds.  Who doesn’t love the approving roar of 70,000 fans at a ballgame?  It’s deafening, exciting, awe-inspiring really.  The collective energy brought to bear by a group that size is akin to a force of nature.  I feel sorry for anyone who has never had the fortune to experience that.

Now turn a group even a tenth that size into a mob where anarchy reigns and survival of the biggest or fittest rules the landscape and you have a collective force of a different, but no less important, kind.

Reading accounts of survivors in places that have undergone a breakdown of civil authority, law enforcement, emergency services, and other basic necessities we take for granted has always fascinated me.  It has also bothered me, as I’m sure it does you as well.

Living in Florida, I’ve experienced quite a few hurricane preparations, and thankfully, only a handful of actual storms.  Aside from being inconvenienced for extended periods, sometimes for a week or even two, I’ve always been lucky.   Millions of people, however, have suffered total loss of property, health, even life.

It’s strange that what bothers me the most about these events isn’t the actual storm. The storms suck, don’t get me wrong,  but the worst parts are the run-up and the aftermath.  That’s where it always feels to me as if society chooses sides; the reasonable, decent people versus the predators.

There are many aspects of this phenomenon that I plan to cover, but I want to begin by focusing on power recovery.  If I have power, I also have water because I pump mine from a well.  Power also means lights, security, communication, warm food, warm water and many other advantages.

I find fascinating the various evolving solar, wind, and battery solutions available, both fixed and portable, and I plan to explore those here as well.

I don’t fear impending mob-rule or martial law or anything crazy like that.   I do put a high value on knowing that I can develop personal systems that keep my family safe and secure should man-made or natural disaster find its way to my small town.  It happens every day somewhere.

If I have learned one thing in my almost 60 years here,  its simply this:  Bad things don’t always happen somewhere else, to somebody else.

Having a simple backup generator and a way to fuel it for a couple of weeks seems to me to be a minimum requirement.  Problem with a gas fueled generator is that it turns you into a full-time gas scavenger and this takes you away from home at the worst possible time.

I want a solar solution and I believe that the time is right for a simple, cheap solar backup power generator solution for the masses.

This site is going to focus on ways to solve that particular problem first,  before we go on to tackle cancer and hunger and all that other stuff.

My only request is that you leave a short reply and let me know why you took the time to stop by this website and read this page.  Why are you here? Your feedback will no doubt influence the direction I take with the site moving forward.

Thank you for dropping by!


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